“The Battle of Anderida Forest”


The Romans have left the island of Britannia, leaving its protection in the hands of its native sons. But can they survive the greatest incursion since the Romans came?

The Odds are Against Us

anthology of military fiction


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“Elle s’Habille en Bliaut: Haute Couture of the 12th Century”


The fashionable dress of the late 12th century developed out of the Norman gown that came before it, but with its inventive fitting methods and its extensive use of silk, it became one of the most recognizable fashions of the Middle Ages. This article discusses its representation in literature and artworks of the era, its probable construction, and the details and accessories necessary to complete the look.

Compleat Anachronist #124 (Summer 2004)


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“Return to Bethlehem”

Fiction, LaGrange Systems

Jacob’s ancestors were Amish and Mennonites who settled in the town of Bethlehem in the LaGrange colonies, in search of the quiet life they could no longer find on Earth. He left home as a young man, in search of adventure as a space pilot in the modern worlds. The Crash of 2066 and his bravery in the Mims Airlift made him a hero, but only his family can help him come to terms with the nightmares he saw during the collapse of civilization back on Earth.

An Atlas to Time, Space, and Bonfires

anthology of science fiction


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