Free Fiction

The Bysantinsk Saga

Welcome to twelfth-century Byzantium, where Emperor Alexios I is murdered because someone got tired of waiting for the Eternal Throne and decided that there’s no time like the present to get all the other possible claimants out of the way.

These excerpted chapters are being serialized on Facebook at as well, as a favor to the friend who asked me to write this novel. Check back later for the publication information for the completed book, with fourteen unpublished chapters!

Ch 1: Porphyrogénita

“Come away, Princess!” Valgarðr, the head of her personal guard, hissed again. “There’s no time now for mourning!”

Brithwynn hardly heard him. Her beloved father  lay stretched out on the grand imperial bed, the gold and purple silk straightened and tidied by the quietest of the servants after his agonies ended. The Patriarch  and a few other members of the Court had been and gone, each done with her father now that power had passed from him to – whom?

Her half-brother Ióannés, most likely. He was the eldest son born after their father came to the throne, the first heir born in this very room, where all legitimate children of a sitting emperor began their lives. His status as Sebastokrator had grown ever since he first led the armies of the Empire against its enemies as a dew-faced young man, strengthening the Empire’s [read more]

Ch 2: The Winter King

Cold winds from Útgarðr  whipped across Lake Lagoda and cut through Ásgarðr, beating ice and snow into the cracks between the logs of the longhouse and keeping the villagers indoors unless necessity forced them outside. The early winter storm made it even more remarkable that a messenger from the great southern empire had reached Ásgarðr, even if he was one of the Rús whose fathers had settled along one of the southern rivers that carried trade goods to and from that great empire. Southern living made the blood [read more]

Ch 3: Amazonia

The horses Valgarðr purchased for them as they entered Ansteoria’s horse-lords country were a godsend, though they gave her blisters in places she couldn’t imagine. Brithwynn couldn’t have faced another day on foot, nor one enclosed in another camera obscura masquerading as a form of transportation. She insisted that they stay on horseback till they came to the swamps at the mouth of the Dniester and had to leave them behind to make the crossing into Glenabenia in the local flat-bottomed boats.

And the first thing she did when they reached solid ground on the other side was make Valgarðr find replacement mounts [read more]

Ch 4: The River Road

Ch 5: Meridia


A visit to Harry Potter’s world

What do you do with a story you love but can’t publish? I wrote two pieces of fan fiction a couple years ago for a class, and the reasons I love these little stories have too much to do with the original author’s work for me to “file the serial numbers off” and submit them as stand-alone works.

I hope you enjoy my take on Rowling’s Harry Potter series!

“Lion Reborn”

[“Lion Reborn” takes place just after the events in Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 19 “The Lion and the Serpent.” Professor Umbridge just barred half the Gryffindor Quidditch team from playing… for life.]

Ginny stormed through the Gryffindor Common room, hoping none of her roommates were upstairs yet. She felt like she’d scream if she had to talk to anybody. Banning Harry and the twins for life was a new low, even for that fat toad. How could anyone be banned from Quidditch for life? It couldn’t be legal! Not that it mattered, not when even Professor Dumbledore couldn’t stop Umbridge.

Abby jumped as the door slammed. “You [read more]

“Visitors at Grimmauld Place”

[This one could be entitled “Twelve Years Later”]

Harry found himself shaking with silent laughter as he slid the phone back into its cradle. He could barely believe what Dudley had just told him. If it weren’t for the static Papa Weasley hadn’t been able to get rid of, he’d be sure he’d been dreaming.

He caught Ginny’s warm brown eyes as he stepped into the kitchen, where she busily orchestrated another fine meal. Whatever the whisk was beating smelled richly of cinnamon and ginger.

“You’ll never believe what that was about,” he told her, stepping in for a quick peck and a biscuit. She extended the kiss but rapped his knuckles with her wand before he accomplished his second goal.

“That was Dudley,” he told her. “Remember their [read more]

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