Fan Involvement

Character Names:

Every author wants to know that the fans enjoy their work (yes, even the big-time authors). And I’d really like to give mine a way to be involved in my work.

My LaGrange Systems series is set in the relatively-near future — the earliest stories so far occur about a generation from now, while the latest is set about two hundred years later. Humans have finally made it out into space, and the colonists are creating whole new societies out there. Exciting, no? But it means that I need a huge cast of characters, and they all need names. I could fill my name bank with names from just anywhere, but I’d rather involve my fans. So –

Which of you would like to see your descendants conquering space, or at least trying to? Want to see a character with your first (or middle) name? Let me know. Want to see a whole line of descendants with your last name? I can do that, too! (Not the same character.) Some will die, like one friend’s descendant in “The Old Dome,” but the heroic ones will have places named after them. I promise I won’t use a fan’s name for a bad guy or a fool unless that particular fan really wants me to!

Contact me if you’re interested in having any of my future characters named after you. And of course if you think someone you know would like the immortality of having a character named after him or her, send them here rather than volunteering them yourself!

Settlement Names

My LaGrange colonists name their towns (most of them, anyway!) after people who were explorers, scientists, or pioneers in their field, whatever field it might be. I have a rather extensive list of people my colonists have chosen to honor, but if there’s someone you’d like to see added to the list, tell me why you think they’d want to honor that person. I may already have that name on my list, or I may not have even heard of that person! You can clear up that oversight.

As you can imagine, some of the colonial settlements will be named after characters whose heroism or pioneering deeds lie in our future. To find out who they are, you’ll just have to read more of my works!

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